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Anni Lenhart - Principal Designer, Lenhart Design, est. 1999 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

I am often asked if I have a particular style; something by which my work is easily identified. My personal taste is not limited to any one style... it’s important to me to be able to respond to each client’s specific brief and offer bespoke designs tailored to their individual needs. However, I always strive for balance, harmony, functionality and elegance; achieved by a rich layering of well placed furniture and decorative elements that blend modern with vintage, artisanal with mass produced, humble with luxury. I enjoy working with a vibrant colour palette but take equal pleasure in a calming neutral, a gentle pastel or a striking monochromatic scheme. The alchemy of colour, scale, texture and composition must be carefully considered but the effect should appear effortless, not contrived.

Let Lenhart Design help you make the right decisions.

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