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my approach

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When asked if I have a particular style; something by which my work is easily identified, the short answer, is no. My approach to decorating is all about the mix; eclectic, timeless design that is as varied and unique as the clients I work with. Having said that, my clients do have one thing in common...they all understand quality.

I like to create rich layers of custom furniture, bespoke window treatments, art and other decorative elements. A blend of  modern, vintage, artisanal, humble, luxury, and then something unexpected. I enjoy working with calming neutrals but take equal pleasure in a vibrant colour palette, a gentle pastel or a striking monochromatic scheme.

When presented with a room to decorate and style, I will determine any problems that need resolving, see the possibilities and then envision the transformation. With over 24 years in the industry, that's a lot of knowledge and experience to draw from! 

Lenhart Design is about curated, nuanced interiors; with an eye for colour and detail, and that is at the heart of how I work.

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