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​Your home should echo your personality and be a place that comfortably supports your lifestyle. Somewhere that is uplifting and nourishing; where every room has good energy. 

But without a clear vision of where you’re heading you can end up making expensive mistakes. People are often drawn to certain styles and without realising, they decorate their homes to a very rigid formula; slavishly buying only the items which they perceive to be appropriate to that style. This thematic approach can result in a predictable collection of rooms that are uninspiring at best. Lenhart Design prefers to create interiors that are eclectic, timeless and more enduring. From concept to completion LD will make the whole experience a joy to watch unfold.



Styling is the art of displaying items related by colour, function or materiality.  Styling can also bring together diverse forms, textures and ethnicity with curation that can make sense of an unlikely collection. Whether it's making a focal point with a dramatic vignette in the entrance foyer, positioning artwork or staging a property for sale, Lenhart Design will instinctively know where to edit, where to create impact and where to leave space just be. Once the large key furniture pieces are positioned correctly it's then a matter of layering and accessorising so that everything is presented at its best.  The overall effect will be to draw you in, inspire and delight your senses, yet make you feel relaxed and welcome.


For established businesses a new office space can be an opportunity for Lenhart Design to freshen the image of your brand whilst being mindful to maintain a high level of respect and confidence already associated with the business.

New Hospitality projects can present a chance for Lenhart Design to create something hip or whimsical; a unique aesthetic that will stay true to the brand's philosophy and resonate with the client's target demographic.


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